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We’re interviewing Master Dealers in key cities to develop the next 100 Electronic Caregiver Markets. Each Master Dealer receives a monthly cash retainer for expenses and ongoing back office support, training, bonuses, sales overrides, and a percentage of all business developed.

If you love to talk to people, if you love to network with people, if you’re ambitious and want to build a large income, if you feel empathy and concern for the aging and ill, let us know why you should be one of our next 100 city market leaders.

The Electronic Caregiver system is the best medical emergency response system in America. Becoming an ECG Dealer provides the freedom to set your own hours, while giving you the opportunity to save lives. ECG offers comprehensive training and our dealers don't require any medical education or certifications. Startup with only a phone, a computer, and a stack of business cards. We will send you the rest. Our Business Development Team is ready to help you start your own business in the market of saving lives.

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Your Mission

OUR MISSION TOGETHER: The best technology for treatment in the world is useless if you can’t expedite help during an…

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Opportunities All Around You! The possibilities for lives that can be saved and independence that can be protected are everywhere….

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Enjoy Amazing Perks by Joining Our Team! Pay raise for every new ECG signup! A syndicate of 50 dealer locations…

Our Products and Services

  24/7 EMT MONITORING FACILITY   Our emergency response services are provided by a DoD-certified, quadruple redundant, 40,000 sq. ft….

“The first time a patient uses our system, which is usually in the first few months, they endear themselves to you forever. It is an often tear-filled display of gratitude from patients as well as their families. We do the work; you become the hero.”
- Anthony Dohrmann, CEO Electronic Caregiver Company